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SheBop Young Women
in Jazz Workshop

About the SheBop Young Women in Jazz Workshop

The CCJA SheBop Young Women in Jazz Workshop was established in 2017 as a meaningful way of connecting young instrumentalists with professional female mentors. In the half dozen workshops, jam sessions, and satellite summer programs that have taken place in the years since, CCJA has helped to build a strong community of young women, women, and gender non-binary musicians across the Front Range.

The SheBop Young Women in Jazz Workshop is led by director Annie Booth and consists of a weekend-long experience including: small group playing, instrument masterclasses, jam sessions, improvisation workshops, and important and meaningful mentoring and connection. The workshop culminates in a performance for the community.

2023 SheBop Workshop



The 2023 SheBop Young Women in Jazz Workshop will take place from March 10-11 in Denver, CO. 

Tuition for the workshop is $120. Need-based scholarships are available and we'd like any student who wants to participate to be able to do so. Reach out to with inquiries. 

SheBop 2023
Adult SheBop

2023 Adult SheBop Workshop

Stay tuned for more information.

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