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Now's the time to help CCJA continue to do important work in our Colorado communities! Celebrating over two decades of growth, CCJA has profoundly impacted thousands of young musicians, and now adult musicians as well. We've nurtured their talents and joy, regardless of their professional aspirations, fostering a new generation of musicians and jazz enthusiasts.

Since its inception at Paul & Chris Romaine's kitchen table, CCJA has expanded from a single high school combo in 2000 to a comprehensive network including summer camps, big bands, adult programs, SheBop for young women, early childhood programs, and numerous community performances.

With over $100,000 of our budget from donations, we rely on your generosity for:

  • Hiring near-peer mentors for optimal educational experiences.

  • Conducting outreach in public schools.

  • Enhancing music programs in underserved areas.

  • Growing programs for young women.

This December, consider a donation to CCJA and help us meet our critical year-end campaign goals. Your support will help us continue shaping lives through the joy of music and community. 


CO Gives Day Goal (Dec. 5th) is $13,000

Toal goal for December Year-End Giving: $55,000



Keith Oxman - This One's For Joey

This new album was recorded for the Joey Pearlman Original Music Project and was released on Capri Records. Proceeds from this CD go to the Joey Pearlman Original Music Project Fund to help produce more original music from the Denver Jazz Community. Please enjoy this music in honor of Joey Pearlman and the creativity of Denver's jazz musicians.


CCJA Has A New Home with MSU - Westword Feature

Read about our new Denver headquarters!

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 11.45.46

9News Denver Feature - May 2020


Merch Store

Proceeds from our merchandise go directly back into our youth music educational programming. Plus, they make you stylish!

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