Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

How do I create an account and a membership? 

How do I create a membership if I already have an account? 

How does priority registration work for rhythm section players? 

If your child is a rhythm section player, please register by the priority registration date to guarantee them an audition if it becomes necessary. If you register after that date and there are more rhythm section players than spots available, your child will not be able audition for a spot. When you register for a program, you will receive an automated email with details on where to send their audition video. 

How many memberships do I need if I have multiple children in CCJA?

Just one! You can register any number of your children under one account. Please 

create an account for each child and fill in all of their information on their account 

so we have all of their current information. 

How do I register my child for CCJA? Did I register correctly?

If I chose the half-payment option, when and where do I make the second half of the payment? 

You will be sent an invoice to your email with instructions on how to make the 

second half of the payment. 

Do I need to create accounts for all of my children?

Yes, in order to keep track of all our students, please create an account for each 

child who is registering for a CCJA program. This allows us to see up to date  

information in case of an emergency. We recommend having one main account 

with an active membership while any other student account simply holds their 

information. Please keep each account up to date. 

I donated this year, does that go toward my membership fee?

What is the difference between Registrant and Attendee? 

Yes, if you have donated within the last year, those donations go toward your 

membership fees. Your membership level will automatically upgrade when you 

have donated the amount required for the corresponding yearly membership fee. 

The registrant is the person who is doing the registration while the attendee is 

the person who will be attending the program.

What are my membership benefits? 

Please log in to your account to confirm which membership level you have purchased. Here is a breakdown of the various perks members receive at each level.